Industry-Leading Color AI
A MIME Exclusive: The Color Absorption Model™
MIME is the only technology solution that understands how your product's color will change as it blends into skin and/or oxidizes. Patent pending.
For Every Skin Type
An Inclusive by Design Solution
MIME's AI has been trained across different skin tones, types, ages, genders, geographies, undertones and lighting conditions.
For Sales Acceleration
MIME builds confidence and increases conversions
MIME's technology reduces shopper confusion in purchasing color-cosmetics online, while increasing conversions and reducing returns.
MIME creates a multi-channel personalized experience
Web, mobile, in-store, social - you name it. MIME helps curate custom experiences for your customer based on one of their most unique traits: their skin tone.
Privacy by Design
As private as you want to be
Customer data is encrypted in-transit, at-rest and anonymized wherever possible. User selfies are processed by a proprietary algorithm so that original photos are not saved.
Show your customers you’re listening
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