When color accuracy matters most
Customer-first brands choose MIME
“We had been looking for a solution like MIME for some time, with a previous attempt at developing our own color matching app, which did not meet the level of performance we needed in terms of accuracy.”
Kort Pearson
CEO of Oxygenetix
“I have been searching for a killer virtual foundation shade recommendation tool since I started Cult Beauty with mixed results – so we worked with MIME to create our own one."
Alexia Inge
Cult Beauty Co-founder & Co-CEO
MIME is plug & play for everyone
Onboarding process
Send us your shades
We analyze your foundation samples in our lab to ensure the highest quality color match.
1 week timeline
Tell us about your brand & store
We’ll ask for things like your logo, product details, website link and any eCommerce platform details.
1-2 days timeline
Integrate feedback loop
We will work with you to understand purchases and more importantly, customer ratings post-purchase, so that we always deliver the best recommendations.
1 week timeline
Promote and share
Sky is the limit! Add your new shade finder smart URL to email campaigns, Instagram, TikTok, or in-store promotions!
"More searches on 'how to match my foundation' have occurred during 2020 than ever before – and customers demand a personalized shopping experience when color-accuracy matters most: when matching their own skin tone."
Chris Merkle
Founder of MIME
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